Free State Roaming and Sunset in Golden Gate

by Caroline Killmer March. 04, 2012 4632 views

The graves of a farming family that once lived in the area of Golden Gate Highlands National Park.


Church steeple.

And the church proper.

Free State license plates are kind of cool.

Across the street from the church and beyond a barbed wire enclosure sits the local mosque.

No matter where you go in the world these days, you can find someone from Fujian doing business.

This shop has “borrowed” the Chinese name for Carrefour.

A funky, kitschy shop.

The second place we stayed in Golden Gate was a wooden lodge tucked a good ways up a hill that was sprinkled with grazing zebras.

Grasses and flowers sprout from the roof of our lodge.


The ridiculously incredible view towards Lesotho from our lodge deck.

We took a little hike up the hill behind our lodge to get a better overview.

There's that moon again.

There wasn't any litter to be seen, but randomly, this tiny pink ribbon had somehow landed on this plant on the mountain.

Find the lizard!

Friends, adventurers.

A blesbok who was none too happy with our encroachment on his turf.

A wildebeest who was even more put out and kept snorting at us.

Up top the hill leveled out to reveal a muddy watering hole and a small team of zebras taking advantage of it.

The sun begins to go down.

Back at the lodge, the stars came out over the lights of what we guessed were little towns in Lesotho.

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