Cape Town: Table Mountain and Sunset

by Caroline Killmer March. 06, 2012 4891 views

The cable cars up to Table Mountain are all emblazoned with the Visa logo, which was amusing, as apparently US-issued Visa cards cannot be used in South Africa.

These signs are stuck to the wall where the cable car arrives at the top of the mountain. The first one is fairly obvious, but the second one, not so much.

It's steep.

But it's worth it to conquer any fear of heights you may have, as the view over Cape Town and out to the horizon is breathtaking.

The Cape Town Stadium, built for the World Cup.

Sunburned Chinese tourists! We tailed them for a bit, trying to guess where they were from based on accents and taking pictures of them as they posed. Sometimes the tour group mentality is contagious.

I like this guy's “conquered the mountain” look.

Only in a place like this can you truly see how badly your lens needs to be cleaned.

Table Mountain tourists.

Freeze. Dassie time.

Up close, dassies look less adorable and more disappointed in you. They can talk [], too, so now all the dassies know what you did.

OK, so this one's pretty cute.

After nearly seven years of limited visibility in Beijing, seeing this much of anything can move me to tears. Admittedly, a good 50% of those tears are due to the strain felt by eyes that have not had to focus that far in ages, but it's still really beautiful.

Cape Town!

Sunset at the beach.

And in the opposite direction, the moon makes a showing.

Sea shells. Now, whenever I see big, flat pieces of seaweed like that, all I can think is how delicious they would be in hot pot. I have been in China too long.

Speaking of China, while walking on the beach we passed what must be Cape Town's only Chinese restaurant, with a tour bus parked out front and some dudes having a smoke break and a stretch as the sun went down.

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