Sunny May, Beijing

by Caroline Killmer May. 30, 2012 2677 views

The past year and then some has been busy, and the photo blog has been terribly, terribly neglected. Today (which is actually June 15, 2013), I'm hoping to fix that by back posting all the photos that have been shot and left to moulder on hard drives for 13 months.

I'm jumping in here with these un-extraordinary photos because they capture Beijing on a rare sunny day last year, and because they follow the bike commute I was making most days back then. Above, the Drum Tower in central Beijing.

I have since observed this same scene two or three times - a man dressed as a construction worker, who is probably not really a construction worker, attempts to sell a snapping turtle on the road side. Not a few people ask about the price, and the seller never reacts well to being photographed (hence the distance).

Wires for the electric buses criss-cross in front of the Drum Tower.

Pink hat on the bus. These buses are my favorite because they don't go horribly fast (less opportunity to get thrown from the back to the front), they have no exhaust and they make hardly any noise. One of the better things Beijing has going for it.

I used to rent a little studio space/darkroom with friends, tucked away down a narrow brick labyrinth. One of the neighbors had made use of old Moolatte posters and H1N1 advisories to cover over a window. Great combo.

Another neighbor in that same hutong hands the delicates out to dry.

Zhengyi Lu is my favorite street for biking in Beijing. It's always so cool and green.

Many of the hutongs off of Qinian Lu, east of Qianmen, have been half torn down or torn down and rebuilt. Plenty of folks live in both old and new accommodations to keep this corner beer distributor going.

Sun's still out, moon comes up.

A little more of that aforementioned half-and-half destruction.

Not open for service the day I biked by, someone in the hutong was/is selling honey from their own bees for 15 yuan (not quite $2.50) for 500 grams.

Grandpa, as is so often the case, is on babysitting duty.

This immense man very kindly let me take his picture while he BBQ-ed outside his hutong home.

As bike security systems go, I rather like this one.

Well-worn bike seat cover.

Pedicab gang, chilling.

A boy takes a break after leading a donkey around a millstone as part of some hooplah outside a recently opened restaurant in Qianmen.

Nothing helps you work up an appetite quite like biking home behind the sweet potato man.

Chinese grandmas are the original hipsters.

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