Ringing in Chinese New Year 2013

by Caroline Killmer February. 09, 2013 8443 views

I have lost track of which holidays require that you eat dumplings, and which ones are noodle holidays, but I do know that Chinese New Year is a dumpling holiday.

Copious quantities of meat usually are often involved.

A photo of a worker tucked between the table glass and an old calendar.

“La dou”, a traditional dish for the end of winter, full of peanuts, soybeans, tofu, carrots, lotus root bits and more.

Ice covers the kitchen windows.

Chinese New Year = constant grazing.

A counter at the in-law's steel workshop with the character for happiness in the middle.

The first year I spent Chinese New Year in Fangshan, there was no heat in the main room. Now they have a little coal burner. Water also gets poured in through a little plug hole to be heated in the base surrounding the coal, then drained out when it's hot. That cat stayed curled up next to the stove pretty much the whole time.

In spite of the coal burner, it's still pretty cold in the workshop, and everything steams constantly.

Mother-in-law pours hot water from bowl to bowl to rinse them out.

Tea kettle.

Guard dogs.

The main hall. There's also a bedroom on the other side of the workshop that is less rustic and more heated.

Sending CNY messages to friends is a big part of the holiday.

Eddie's dad's gear reminds me of my grandfather's.

Many chairs wait indefinitely for upholstery at the factory.

Traipsing through the fields nearby the in-laws' workshop.

Overseers of a nearby shop.

Mm hmm.

Dust accumulates.

This coal block is done.

From inside, looking out.

“Giving you a new choice… Join Huacheng, Plant Money”.

I may not have translated that as eloquently as I could have.

Father-in-law welds a fireworks-launching stand for a neighbor who came by to request one earlier.

Home hot pot!

Midnight, and time to go outside to see the fireworks/not get our faces blown off.

Someday I will get video posted of this somewhere.

The next morning, slightly warmer, kitty decides to be social.

Giant meal #3 in 24 hours.

Eggs and baijiu, part of a balanced celebration.

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