Chinese New Year 2014

by Caroline Killmer January. 30, 2014 8769 views

Chinese New Year in Fangshan, once again.


The in-laws have a new coal-fired boiler to warm the workshop rooms. Alternatives in this part of the country are limited.

The new addition to the dog collective.

At night the guard dogs and the sweet-but-witless golden retriever cuddle up together.

More jiaozi, waiting to go in the pot.

My brother-in-law took some artistic license with the factory kitchen wall.

Chinese New Year's eve lunch.

The cornfields are always dry, dusty and empty in Liulihe at this time of year, but the total lack of snow following a dry summer has left Beijing and its suburbs even drier and grittier than usual.

Big ol' pile of mystery feathers near the field. Maybe someone was mucking out their pigeon coops?

Afternoon sunshine and brickwork.

Dressed to beat the weather.

A local streetside legal service.

Bright new year's decorations.

A surprising number of satellite dishes on this corner.

The usual evidence.

Get your tea and your smokes.

A peek in the burner.

Scariest forgotten item I've stumbled across in Fangshan so far.


Keys to everything.

Guard dogs during their lunch break.

And it begins.

The dudes take in the scene.

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John Parsons 7 years, 7 months ago

Fascinating and informative series - great.

7 years, 7 months ago Edited