2012-05-08 Red Hot Iron

by Carrie May. 08, 2012 5081 views

I decided to get through some ironing this evening - I thankfully don't need to iron often.. Ironing red things is strange - I've always wondered why the red fabric turns dark when ironed.. I didn't burn my top..it's just that weird “red-effect”!!

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Ann Garratty 5 years ago

My son's school uniform top is red, and it did this the first time I ironed it, it frightened the life out of me, I thought I'd burnt it before he'd even worn it...

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Rob Gant 5 years ago

Great capture

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Stuey 5 years ago

It's funny you saying that because I have noticed that to while ironing. Not that I iron often either. Great capture.

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Larry Sample 5 years ago

Nice! Roxanne by The Police might have been nice accompaniment. Not that I really go in for all of that music with photos thing, but hey, that's what I was hearing as I watched you iron. Maybe you are too young to remember The Police?

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Finbarr 5 years ago

Great shot!! be careful not to burn yourself,

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Dominika 5 years ago

nice shot ;)

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Fitrphotography 5 years ago

i love that it looks the the iron burned a print on it,..thats pretty cool, lmao

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