Linda's Scenic Posts

Well hello everyone I know its been a little while. Our trip was just fascinating and wonderful. There are so many pictures to go through… so I chose ones that…

Morgans Pointe is located in Wainfleet Ontario. I often enjoy walking the shorelines during a sunset… it just seems to keep my spirits in balance.

A outing with my camera club friends at Letchworth state Park in the United States. I was engrossed by the magnitude of beauty of this scene.

Took another trip out to Mount Nemo. Colors were not as vibrant as last year at this time… but it was a gorgeous day.

These shots were taken at a place called Morgans Point in Waintfleet Ontario. Temperatures were mild on this day causing misty fog giving these images a Mystic…

Thoughts flow like the breeze and are encased in the uncontrollable waters of this lake…I call my place.