Wake up Call !!

by Neil June. 04, 2009 3070 views

It all started last night 6-3-09 about 8:00 PST, had a whole bunch of thunder storms coming up from the south, Jannie got some decent shots, my battery took a dump, lightning was everywhere, watched till we got rained out. In California, yesterday in a 24 hr period, we had 6,247 lightning strikes, with about 55 small fires. When I heard the hail at about 4:30 am pst, I knew something was going “Off” again, things were quiet, dark, we had no power, Hey it's the country we live with this ! Started raining cats and dogs, thunder , lightning the whole thing “again” on the way to work saw this, stopped took some shots, on the way home stopped again, took some more. We know the people who live in the house, haven't talked to them, bet it was a rude awakening. cd

To anyone who has visited this site “dial-up ” has failed me big time, there are 19 shots in this set, only 13 have posted, going to try to finish the set. cd

One of the local volunteer fire trucks.

On the way to work I saw this in a friends driveway.

This was part of why they were there.

This was in the Mini-storage yard next door

Firewood yard sale

The tree was about 90ft/ 30m high at one time.

Imagine the force it took to do this

Only started a small fire

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Pete 8 years ago


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Jarvo Laysell 8 years ago

Neat shots. Hope the weather evens out for you though.

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Susan 8 years ago

Some of that weather came our way this morning, but we got off easy. Hope your friend is OK and not too much damage was done.

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Livelovelaugh 8 years ago

Remarkable the force of nature - and scary. Great post. :)

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Jannie 8 years ago

Awesome captures cd! Glad it was at Jerod's house & not ours. Scarey!!

8 years ago Edited
Brian 8 years ago

Wow. Storms can definately get scary sometimes:) Great pictures.

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Marsha 8 years ago

That's frightening...sounds like an incredible storm. Takes scenes like this to see how powerful a lighting strike can be Stay safe!

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Jet28 8 years ago

Wow, the power of nature - fantastic shots!

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Jennye 8 years ago


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