Neil Rosenberger's Happy Caturday Posts

Nothing like a good warm bed or a Nice warm window !! Loki and Spook !! These are favorite spots. Happy Caturday !!

This started last summer, I would come home from work, go to the basement. get a beer, sit in the garden, cat would show up, It Loved the company, “Me”, Cat got…

Not the best, but a typical “Cat ” evening !! Love the Kitty's !! Happy Caturday to all !! Have a Great Weekend !

Ziva has a “Comfort Zone”, shaded, cool, a safe place to be: The “Garden”. She loves her safe haven!

How about a side order of “Cat” , over easy, or slow roasted !! They love their “Warm Zones” !! Loki is a great Kitty !