Resolutions... Day 2

by Loren Knoppi January. 02, 2017 253 views

We are at Day 2 of the 365 Day Photo challenge.  Today's suggested theme is Resolutions, which can also be called spirit, energy, dedication and intention.  As I am using a loaner camera, I wanted to incorporate all of these into the challenge for today.  

I also have been wanting to add to my Elemental Fire album and practice more with darker rooms and taking photos.  What a better way to do this than during a photo challenge? 

Photo of burning incense, burning candle with an image of the Triple Moon Goddess and tarot cards

Resolutions: intent, energy, spirit, intent; The beginning of a story...

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Stephanie Hyde 4 years ago

Magical...what is the meaning of that tarot card?

4 years ago Edited
Gene Mcdaniel 4 years ago

Nicely arranged, and conveys a very mystical mood.

4 years ago Edited
Loren Knoppi Replied to Gene Mcdaniel 4 years ago

Thank you Gene! I worked really hard on this one. I mainly - pretty exclusively - only work on Nature shots. This was hard for me to set up something, staging it, trying to find the right lighting and the way to make it interesting. And I"m feeling really "new" to the whole idea of photography with using a loaner camera right now.

So, I really appreciate the feedback!

4 years ago Edited