Manual Lighting Play... Day 33

by Loren Knoppi February. 02, 2017 781 views

Yesterday I played with only light, today I wanted to bring a little more into as I have been promising myself to learn to play with Manual and all the settings. 

The settings confuse me a bit, as some of them are backward from what I think they should be. For example, Aperture.  A small F should be a small focus, a large F should be a large focus, but it's the opposite, so I get confused in my mind.  

So, I set myself down with the same flowers and proceeded to play, and with using alternate light sources. 

Not liking it much as all I see are pixels

A bit better, more in focus

This second one I like more. I think I have a better balance of light here so I'm not overexposed

On this one, I mainly wanted to try to have the whole flower head, including the leaf, in focus as much as I could.  It was very hard as I prefer to focus on one of the smaller flowers only.

Has to be my favorite

Even though the scratches and dust show up in the image, and the bottom of the flower isn't as in focus as I would like; I'm much happier with the lighting and focus combination.

The rose is giving me the hardest time... possibly because it is not a friend of mine (everybody gives me rose plants and mini roses and I immediately kill them off. But, I can bring back most any other plant).  But, the white/green of the rose petals keeps throwing me off.  Maybe if I had a different color? 

The settings that I used - I didn't change them around a lot so I could mainly move the lights and understand what I am getting... 

Shutter 1/4000  (the slower speed kept shutting my camera off and not letting me see the image at all so I'll have to look at the manual to see what I'm doing wrong)

Aperature f/18

Iso 3200

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Gene Mcdaniel 2 years, 9 months ago

I really like the next to last one (the one that was your favorite).

2 years, 9 months ago Edited
Loren Knoppi Replied to Gene Mcdaniel 2 years, 9 months ago

Thank you Gene! I like the "bottom" of flowers for some reason lol And I am bound and determined to learn the manual settings :)

2 years, 9 months ago Edited