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From the moment I was born, I have had a soul deep love of animals and nature. My father helped my love to grow and he instilled in me a deep respect for the natural world. Growing up in Florida and Georgia, I was lucky enough to have a large canvas of nature to explore. As time moved forward in my life, I have found that photography was the best way to share the sights I see.

Catspaw Speculation has grown from it's humble beginnings of a specialty bread home company - Cat's Paw Specialties. At the time, my kitten would sit in the kitchen watching me make bread and then would also "mix" her dry food before eating it. Her name was Sage, and she lived with me until passing at age 16. Her inspiration has carried over the idea of a cat logo for all of these years.

Now that I live in the NorthWest, I find that there is still beauty here in nature, although it is very different from my South Florida environment. I started this site as a way to share this photographic journey of exploration out here.

I still share my life with three cats- Gypsy, Atticus and Henna. I have a wonderful best friend who is always ready for a car trip some place new to explore and take photos. My father is still here to encourage me and always happy to share this journey.


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