Saaremaa looderannik

by Taavi Sepp September. 21, 2007 3351 views

Endine Nõukogude Liidu piirivalve gordon Undva rannikul. Pildid on tehtud aastal 2004. Link [] asukohale.
Kui palju võib muutuda vähem kui 15 aastaga? Praeguseks on kohalikud nähtavasti veelgi kunstlikke kruusamägesid laiali tassinud.

Ex-Soviet Union borderguard gordon in Saaremaa island, north-westerly border. Currently abandoned and overwhelmed by nature and the sand from artificial hillies is being used for building purposes. Photos taken on summer of 2004.
Link [] to the location.

Märklaud või takistus?
Target or obstacle?

Tankikuuri aknast näen ma valgust…
I see the light at the end of the room…

Välja, välja, ruttu!
Out! Quickly!

Korilased on oma tööd hoolega teinud.
Scavangers have taken all that there was to take.

Ka loodus on oma tööd korralikult teinud.
Nothing withstands the force of nature.

Kunstlikud mäed, osa neist on laiali tassitud ehitusmaterjaliks.
Artificial hillscape, some of has been used as building material.

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Taavi Sepp 13 years, 7 months ago

We spent a couple of days in the largest island of Estonia, Saaremaa. To be honest, having lived there whole of my life, I had never been to that particular island. As it was part of ex-SU western border, it was rather keenly controlled, but with Estonia becoming a free country in 1992, the troops were withdrawn, leaving behind loads of rubbish and devostated countryside.
As we stayed in camping for a long weekend, I felt urge to take photos of still remaining buildings. ISO 800 if I am not mistaken and scan from the print. Sorry, the scanner is standard flatbed and does not allow to see full colours!

13 years, 7 months ago Edited