Cuxton Heritage Trail, Kent

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Cuxton on väike küla Medway jõe kaldal, jäädes Rochesteri ja Maidstone vahele. Küla ümber käib matkarada pikkusega 3.7 miili (umbes 6km) ja kuuludes National Trail []'i poolt hallatavate matkaradade hulka. Antud matkarada kuulub North Downs [] matkaradade hulka, programmi nimi on Lost Landscapes.

Cuxton is a small village in Kent, between Rochester and Maidstone. It lies on Medway valley and is just on Heritage Trail, that is maintained by National Trail [] and is part of it's programme Lost Landscapes.
The length of the particular trail is approximately 3.7 miles and it can be covered in two to three hours.

“A shrunken hamlet, some of the rarest wild flowers in Britain and a tomb in the middle of a large woodland.These are just some of the highlights on this Lost Landscapes Heritage Trail, a new circular walk along the North Downs Way.
The main trail explores the parish of Cuxton,a place of ancient woodlands and historic settlements,with spectacular views over the Medway and a network of dry valleys.Cuxton's heritage really does span the whole of human history - from a Stone Age axe factory to the building of the Medway Bridge . If you wish, you can extend the trail by taking the ‘Darnley diversion’ into the Cobham Estate.
The main text of the booklet consists of detailed directions and information on points of interest along the trail.The back pages of the booklet cover other important local heritage themes.

The Lost Landscapes project
With grants from the Heritage Lottery Fund (through the Local Heritage Initiative) and the Rail Link Countryside Initiative, the Lost Landscapes project,organised by the North Downs Way National Trail, has been taking place in six communities along the North Downs. People in these communities have been looking into the heritage and history of their area and discovering what it is that makes their parishes special. Their contributions are the backbone of this booklet. The Cuxton Heritage Trail has been carefully chosen to take in the best of the heritage features of the area. As you walk you will find that the history has been brought back to life by the wonderful recollections and memories of local people.”


Longhows mets.
Longhows wood.

Ranscombe farm

Tee Mill Hill (Veskimäe?) metsa…
To Mill Hill Wood…

Mill Hill metsa raudtee sild.
Mill Hill wood railway bridge.

Rada Upper bush külla.
Public footpath to Upper Bush.

BT teade posti püstitamisest…
BT Public notice about erecting this post…

Upper Bush küla.
Upper bush village.

Still life (cul-de-sac).

Bush org - teise maailmasõja aegne "vale lennuväli". //

Bush valley - lost airfields that did not exist (WWII). Ken Law remembers it well: "There was a decoy airfield with two lines of landing lights… The decoy lights were controlled and powered by a generator in a blockhouse in Longbottom Wood…The intention being to fool the enemy into dropping their bombs there instead of a populated are a . Unfortunately it seems it fooled one our of crippled Halifax bombers,which crashed on Bavins bank, just short of the decoy strip. . . "
What can I say - Oups!

The squirrel saw us and run as fast as one could…

Cuxton village.

Wild berries.

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