Neist Point, Skye

by Taavi Sepp June. 23, 2008 2259 views

That is a Neist Point in the north western part of the isle of Skye. There is a famous lighthouse visited by literally thousands every year. As it is also a nice place for a picnic, many go there just to enjoy lovely views.
According to the Northern Lighthouse Board [], the history of this particular lighthouse goes like this:

"Mr W Hugh MacDonald from Oban was the building contractor for the lighthouse and dwellings which cost £4,350. the lantern was made by Dove & Co costing £1,100 and the lightroom machine cost £418 and was made by Milne & Co.

The light was first exhibited on 1 November 1909 but the fog singal, which has since been discontinued, was not completed until 25 June 1910.

The station was converted to automatic operation in 1990 and the lightkeepers withdrawn. It should be noted that at some sites the Northern Lighthouse Board have sold some redundant buildings within the lighthouse complex and are not responsible for the maintenance of these building.

Also there were masses of black-backed and black-headed gulls. At this relatively high point (370 metres) they were just close enough to be captured.

Neist Point on üks Skye saare turismimagneteid ning lisaks kõrgele punktile, ilusale vaatele ja majakale on seal ka niisama hea piknikku pidada. Majakas ise valmis aastal 1909 ning aastal 1990 muudeti see täisautomaatseks. Juurdepääsuks on kolm erinevat viisi - merelt, köisraudtee abil või kitsast treppi pidi. Seega võib arvestada, et hooldustöid teostavatel inseneridel kulub suurem osa ajast oma kraami kohaletoimetamiseks.

Majaka kõrval asuva mäe otast avanes imepärane vaade Atlandile ning kaugema asuvaile Harris ja Lewis saartele. Boonusena olid parajal kõrgusel tiirutavad kajakad, keda seetõttu ka suhteliselt lihtne kaadrisse saada oli.

“A view to a kill”

Vaade mäenukile, mille otsast kajakaid pildistasin…

On the way down there was such a gay lichen growing all over the place.

Poolel teel trepist alla kasvas selline rõõmus samblik.



A view fro the kill…

Vaade selle mäenuki otsast, kuhu me ronisime.

A very Scottish scene - a thistle and a sheep.

Kaks Šotimaa tunnusmärki - takjas ja lammas.

Neist Point lighthouse.

Neist Point majakas.

An old gate.

Vana värav.

Governor, guv, chief, etc.


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Viktorija 9 years, 4 months ago

I really should go there for a picnic.
and why that sheep in #7 has red neck? did you bite her?:)

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Marco Stefano Vitiello 9 years, 4 months ago

well done

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