A walk in Mechelen

by Taavi Sepp October. 12, 2008 2631 views

Mechelen is a relatively small town about half an hour away from north from Brussels. Our friends lived there for four and a bit years and have now moved back to Estonia. It is a nice old town that looks very similar to Hansa towns. I would suggest visiting it for its beauty. There are seven churches (at least), and the main cathedral in Groote Markt was supposed to be as high as 140 metres, but reached only 70!, making it one of the highest at the time (don't quote me on this one, my mate told me that!). As we can see, even then money mattered a lot - without a solid investment it is impossible to build something as grand as that…
Anyway, a nice weekend with a lovely weather (it was raining before we arrived!).

Siin on mõned pildid meie oktoobrikuu alguse Belgia külastusest, kui vetsime päeva Mechelenis, perekond Tuvikeste juures. Ilmad olid kui tellitult ilusad, olles just enne meie tulekut sadanud - aga see meid, saare rahvast ju ei kohuta!

Mechelen canal gate.



Njahh, kommentaare pole vist vaja - luik on Belgias igal võimalikul juhul esindatud!

Under the bridge… see http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=vQOYCXKfpt4 [uk.youtube.com]

Silla all…

One of my themes, as you may have noticed - doors.

Järjekordne uks, seekord Belgiast.

Groote Markt

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