Lakeland Motor Museum

by Taavi Sepp July. 04, 2010 2290 views

On a muggy day (Sunday!) we headed to Lakeland Motor Museum [] near Ulverston. It's a must when touring around Windermere lake. The museum contains a large number of …errr …how should I put it - specimen perhaps? that have been used to get one around. From bicycles to cars and speedboats the place has everything a devoted car fan has to see. I have my opinion of the chaps (did I say chavs?) with baseball hats who were over the moon to see Carlos Sainz Focus, but let's leave that part out.

I could be 99% sure this bloke jumped out of that Aston Martin Virage (see red car behind him?)!

Mirjam's favourite - 1936 Bentley 4 1/4. Strangely enough, our Astra is of the same colour…

A selection of classics.

I do like the simplicity that went into the engineering of 1930's speedometer.

1966 Hercules saddle powered bicycle. No need to go any further…

1992 Alenax Treadle Cycle. British engineering at it's best! The only trouble is - nobody seemed to get the point of this “engineering marvel”.
Must have been the colour they did not like…

Now, this 1960 Bowden's Spacelander Bicycle must have been in the mind of Schwinn 2010 Hornet [] designer. Anyway, it looks camp enough to cycle to work.

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