Bamford Edge

by Caz G July. 20, 2021 85 views

I can't remember the last time I sat and watched the sunset. We were only away for one night, and thankfully it wasn't raining, so we set off on an adventure to find this spot on Bamford Edge, overlooking the Ladybower Resivoir.

We managed to wing it quite well, finding somewhere close-by to park, and making it up to the top with time to spare. The only flaw in my plan - other than the cloudless sky - was the fact that, having bought the proper camera for once, I forgot the SD card. 🙈

Luckily there was room for a couple of pictures on the built in memory. They say a good photographer only needs one shot. Clearly I am still work in progress, but it was a beautiful evening and it's inspired me to get out with the camera and practice on those sunsets. Maybe even a sunrise if my sleep deprivation will allow it!

Nb. Pic 1 from the camera, pic 2 from my phone.

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