San Antonio Fish Market

by Claudia Crempien March. 14, 2017 1581 views

Yes, yes, yes! seafood please and the fresher the better. Please delight yourself in chilean delicatessen like I did while shopping and taking some pictures.

This is San Antonio's fish market. San Antonio is a city in central Chile, founded in year 1894 and it has one of the most important ports of the country. 

Going to the market is very fun, you must go early if you don't want to be squeezed by an ocean of people. I don't mind the cramming but you do get better fish if you go early. 

It's not pretty, if you go looking for a clean and flowery place that is color coordinated you are wasting your time. Valdivia has an spectacular fish market alongside a river, that one is gorgeous. Anyway, people are friendly and all sorts of fun things happen around you.

Jaibas y Almenjas

Cebiche and ostras to try. Yum!

The best Markets are the ones were there is a lot of screaming, right?

Now this guy...he won my heart. Run budy, you can do it!

Of course there was a dog, there was a Cat also, Sea Lions and Pelicans all trying to get some leftovers.

The Dock

Hard workers with smiles

Fresh veggies to make the most wonderful fish dishes. "Caldillo de Congrio" anyone?

Father and Son selling jaibas from a wheelbarrow. They were so nice and the kid was having a blast with the jaibas.

San Antonio taking care of the city. I forgot to check if the statue was indeed San Antonio, I mean he has to be, right? If not I'm going to be pissed! 

Hanging fish are great for composition

Proud Fishmonger posing for me. What a nice man, the kind of person you want to hangout with and just listen to.

And then in a broken corner, this two girls started to play music.

Thank you!

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