Carlo "Kaloy" Campaña of Balintawak Sugbo

by Jay Dilan September. 22, 2017 1501 views
Carlo holding an eskrima stick that he design and made.

Carlo holding an eskrima stick that he design and made.

Carlo Campaña is the head of an eskrima group in Cebu called "Balintawak Sugbo" which traces its roots from his neighborhood friend John Villasin who influenced him a lot in eskrima, John is the son of the late Atty. Jose Villasin, one of the original founding members of Balintawak Eskrima. Kaloy served as the chief instructor of the Villasin club for a number of years until he decided to put up his own club called Balintawak Sugbu. Aside from being the grandmaster of Balintawak Sugbo, Kaloy is known for making customized eskrima sticks which are carve and burned with a touch of his own style in designing it, he also told me that customized sticks that he will be making in the future will have leather grips, well that is one thing that collector of his masterpieces on a stick will soon be waiting to have. Balintawak Sugbu is one of the closest groups I knew may be because practitioners of their system are like brothers to me whom I can talk to whatever we want to talk. They are having their training every Sunday 2pm at Jugan, Consolacion, Cebu. I took a picture of him holding his masterpiece with a dragon design. 

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