In the Spirit of Inquiry

by Cee Lewars January. 15, 2013 956 views

A contemplative life involves openness, curiosity and just being or living in the moment. I try to live that kind of life. I try to live in the spirit of inquiry. This morning, I had no intention of leaving my apartment but when I woke up and saw that maybe the sun was shining, I had to get up and open the blinds. I could tell the sun was shining even with the blinds closed because the intensity of light was much stronger than if it when it is a dreary rainy day. I opened the blinds because I was curious about what was going on in the world outside my window. I discovered different things about the sky, the birds, light and shadow, my cat, color and myself. I experienced the world rather than just look at it.

Even with reflections and dust on the window, I was able to experience this bird's morning flight.

I experienced the hint of gold in the sky become a blue sky with patches of white clouds.

I watched a crow perched on the rooftop probably trying to spy its next meal.

This tree is pretty far away and it took some concentration on the sky to observe it.

Branches and sky come together as natural art.

I experienced the glint of sunlight on the bare branches.

This bird was almost hidden by the branches but I was able to find a little spot where I could focus on it.

Beautiful tree branches in the morning light.

I am not saying it never happened before but I have never seen this combination of shadow and reflection outside my window.

Wonder if she was dreaming and what she was dreaming. My cats like the lushness of this bed, especially when the covers are just casually pulled up in the morning.

Candle light, shadows and reflection in earthy colors.

The color of the stones when the light shines upon them through the amber glass and Zen Frog reminding me to just take it all in and be grateful.

I have been trying to photograph this for days and the light was never right. The color of this today was just luscious and I was the lucky one who got to see it, but I am being generous and sharing it through this photograph.

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