Giving Full Attention

by Cee Lewars January. 28, 2013 1433 views

This past week the assignment for Adventures in Seeing with Kim Manley Ort was Attention–attention to everyone and everything we come in contact with. I took it that we were to make new discoveries about the things we see every day. We needed to be alert and to use our senses. Getting the shot was not the most important thing. Just seeing something from a new perspective was the most important thing.

During the week I tried to see things differently than my usual way of looking. Some of my seeing involved hearing, touching, smelling, or tasting. I listened to the birds, tried new foods, looked at the clouds, the trees, and a variety of things in my apartment.

The pictures above tell the story.

I noticed evergreen and deciduous trees and a crow flying in the clear blue sky.

They sky was filled with a variety of interesting clouds the morning I took this picture. We had a lot of gray and foggy sky days and even thought the blue did not last throughout the whole it certainly was a welcome site.

I noticed the delicate blooms of an African Violet plant and I noticed the insects that became visible when I photographed the back of the flower with my macro lens.

Using my macro lens I managed to get a real close look at these African Violet buds. I also notices that every part of the plant except for the open flowers is very hairy.

I noticed clocks and time and that time keeps moving no matter what we are doing. I also noticed that sometimes a minute is a long time and an hour can sometimes be a short time.

I noticed the flowers on the inside of my cup were reflected in my coffee.

I noticed a fork and a plate with crumbs. Then I noticed a wooden hand wearing many rings and decided to combine everything to make one photo.

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