Wonders of Photoshop Elements

by Cee Lewars January. 30, 2013 1138 views

Yesterday was a travel day for me so today I am decompressing. I started the day going through some pictures in my iPhoto collection in order to make a CD for my friend Donna. Well, since I did that before coffee I was getting a headache and had to wander to the kitchen for a cup. I drank my coffee, turned down an offer to go out, and went back to my computer to play. I started with the picture of Honey Boy. One of the chocolate chips got messed up when I painted it with a preservative so I went to Elements and cloned it out of the picture. After that I decided that to try the posterize effect on it. I liked the result. All was going well so I posterized the purple headphones. Still, in the mood for more Photoshopping I decided to fix up the picture of the glass of cranberry juice by using the Paint Daubs (sparkle) filter on it. And, the last thing to do is to share the results with others, so, here I am sharing with you. It sure is a wonder what you can do with PS filters.

The sun is coming out now so I guess I should get ready to face the world and go out and take some more photos.

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