Converting to Black and White

by Cee Lewars February. 26, 2013 1666 views

This week in Kim Manley Ort's, Adventures in Seeing class the topic is simplify and one of her suggestions is to take a picture and convert it from color to black & white. In some ways it was an easy task because I used photos that were already in my iPhoto library, but I have trouble with simple. I enjoy B&W photos and I like seeing the changes that appear when a color photo is converted to B&W but I discovered that it is not just a push of a button for the photo to be at its best. I discovered that I needed to change light and contrast from what they were in the color photo and even crop a little bit. Well, not too demanding but while I was in PS Elements I discovered that I could make collages. I tried a patchwork design and it was real easy to get it set up. I saved it to my desktop but when I dragged it into iPhoto I got nothing but the template with no photos. I played with it until I finally got it to transfer. I complicated it by inadvertently using layers, something I have not used since Elements 3. So, the short of it is that I complicated simplify but I learned something new.

Last Spring (2012) I was visiting my friend in Maryland. I love her yard because it is very natural. I took several pictures of this crocus and used it as an entry for Kim Manley Ort's Photo By Design 2 class. I followed suggestions on how to make it look better and this is the version that I liked. This week in her class I chose it as a picture to convert to Black & White.

This is the enhanced conversion made in iPhoto.

This version is the iPhoto version enhanced in Photoshop Elements 10 using the Cut-out Filter.

I keep trying but this is the biggest that I can make this photo. In order to simplify my day I am going to leave it just as it is and try working on it another day.

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