Little Things

by Cee Lewars March. 15, 2013 1212 views

When we tug at a single thing in nature, we find it attached to the rest of the world.
John Muir

Spring is coming and yesterday during a camera walk I found many little things to appreciate and photograph.

I was so energized that I walked a few miles and took pictures the whole time. When I downloaded my pictures there were 249 of them. I believe that I have created a nice memory file for myself.

Yesterday, March 14th was quite warm but windy. The sky was filled with billowy white clouds and the sun was shining. I am not sure if the temperature was much over 40 degrees but I felt warm most of the time even though I had chosen to wear a hooded sweatshirt no jacket.

Buzzards were flying in the sky. I find them to be wonderful to watch. I used to live near a deserted barn which they took over as their nesting place and I got to see them every day. I know some people think they are very unattractive but when they are soaring above, I think they are absolutely beautiful.

I always thought that dandelions did not come out and bloom until summer but this one lone flower decided to come out early. I guess that it is because it found a nice niche in a wall that holds the heat of the sun.

Purple adds a nice touch to any landscape but to this barren land it they added a much needed touch of beauty.

Daffodils are close to popping and adding a much needed splash of color.

These tulips are not showing any buds but their green leaves are a wonderful contrast to the gray-brown mulch.

Pussy willow tree. I thought that they were bushes or shrubs so I was surprised to see this pussy willow tree.

White snowdrops in a sea of green leaves.

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