Evolution of The Pig

by Cee Lewars March. 18, 2013 943 views

It is amazing how just a few changes using PS Elements filters can make things look so dramatically different. I really enjoy changing the look of the things I own by taking photos of them and then converting them to black & white and even changing the texture or color of them.

The little pig started out as just a candle a part of a pig collection but then it became so much more. It is now an artifact or even a signature piece for me. Sometimes I photograph him by himself and sometimes he is with his owner (The Lady). I really don't own him. I just give him space to exist.

The pictures above are a series using just a single photo of the pig. The series takes him from “farm boy” to “urban pig” and the color changes dramatically or becomes monochromatic. I even see differences in his texture.

Pig 1: The Original.

Pig 2: Original photo cropped and color changed to black & white with a little bit of PS elements filter effects.

Pig 3: Color of original totally changed in PS Elements and some filters used. I think that he looks like “urban pig.”

Pig 4: Yellow and black photo above changed to black and white and a little enhancement of shadow and light.

Pig 5: Just a little bit of highlight changes of the photo directly above.

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