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I started working with one word each week and this week's word is “Look.” To me the word look seems like such a simple, almost childish word, so my focus is more on the word “discover” however, you cannot discover without looking. In fact, generally we use more than just our sense of sight if we really want to discover what surrounds us.

The above pictures were taken during a class where the objective was to get to know ourselves–our true selves. During the class we had prompts that lead us to discoveries about who we are, but the prompts were pretty. One day I was out in my back yard just looking for something interesting–something photo-worthy when I came across a little setting near the fence. I got down on my hands and knees in order to get a closer look, and what I discovered was some little figure-like formations of some substance unknown to me. The figures looked like they were in a mini-forest. I, immediately, thought of hobbits, but later on I looked up hobbits and other mythical creatures, and I decided that they were more like gnomes.
Definition of a gnome: a legendary dwarfish creature supposed to guard the earth's treasures underground.

There are no comments on each individual picture because I think they are self-explanatory. I see the gnomes in a social situation. Perhaps they are deciding on a rotation order for guarding the tree stump. I don't really know exactly how gnomes think, so I will leave the descriptions/story up to you and your imagination.

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