A FASHION PHOTOG'S INSIDE TIP! -"How To Make Your Product Stand Out With A Fashion Ad!"

by Ron Morales August. 07, 2018 580 views

Photo: Ron Morales_ Kristy Salazar modeling Rhinestoned Designs-(Nola Collection)

Photo: Ron Morales_ Kristy Salazar modeling Rhinestoned Designs-(Nola Collection)

SAN DIEGO - How can we make an efficient and easy way you can make a powerful statement with a minimal approach to maximize your visual story?


Most people see a black and white photo with a beautiful model holding a mask with the name of the brand floating next to her. That's one way of looking at it! Another way is by learning how to look and critique a photograph to spark your personal creativity and find your inner photographic style during that process.

One might look at it different!

  • A black and white landscape ad photograph with the model showcasing the product by wearing it, so the potential customer could see how it looks on a human being. Next, I see her holding the mask separating it on it's own to identify as a product in it's original size.

  • The transition of the models body positioning is critical in showcasing products as you see her fingers resting very softly on her cheek, showing how comfortable she is with the product.

  • The models starring right into the lens giving the sense that she is directly looking right at you with a serious look sends a visual connection directly towards the audience.

  • The different shadows of light from the background wall to the light that falls onto the model skin provide depth by the natural light and shadows from a ribbed overhang that was 20 feet away provides solid depth and design at the same time.

  • Color tones are huge part of the visual story that you are telling for the your audience. Black and white is simple and bold and projects products extremely well, depending on the color of course.

  • The black line (frame) surrounding the photograph brings balance and solidifies everything with in that space together.

Let's take a look at another way to showcase your visual concept for your product. Filling your camera frame by getting closer to your model is a great way to make a strong visual statement. Example below!

Strong colors like red not only match but pack powerful punch. If you look closely, there are very strong elements like the shiny jewelry outlining the dress and big gems on her necklace. Having a stylist with you on the photoshoot is also an important part, as they bring all the important details together to amplify the beauty of the product.

Photo: Ron Morales_ Kristy Salazar modeling Rhinestoned Designs-(Nola Collection)

Photo: Ron Morales_ Kristy Salazar modeling Rhinestoned Designs-(Nola Collection)

The lighting and the angle of her body positioning is also a huge part of branding the product. You will notice two different light sources in this photograph. The first light source is coming from the sun falling from her left side onto her cheek as well as providing a sparkle on the gems on the mask.

The second light source is the front light that is bounced from a silver reflector. Silver was used to enhance the sparkle, as opposed to the gold side of the reflector.

Bouncing allows the light to fall onto the models skin, instead of having it directly blowing out her natural skin tones, coming from the same light source.

You will also notice she positioning as she looks downward towards the Nola Collection brand name. Also consider the positioning of her hands on the side of the "mask" in her hands displaying a secure connection between herself and the product.

Overall, this is a simple way you can start by learning basics by getting to know your camera settings a little more and get out there and practice producing a "photograph", instead of taking snapshot from your smartphone and call it fashion photography.

There are a few easy steps to use to use your smartphone to shoot fashion photography as well.

  • Camera - (Know Settings)
  • Models - (Professional & Beautiful)
  • Natural Light - (All Day)
  • On Location - (Beautiful Spots)
  • Daytime - (Any time of the day)

Use these basic elements to enhance your imagery and take your photographic style to the next level and immediately accomplish your visual goals.


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