TRUTH ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIA FOLLOWERS - "How Valuable Is Your Chase For Followers On Social Media!"

by Ron Morales October. 29, 2019 950 views
Credit: Facebook demographics

Credit: Facebook demographics

Written by Michelle Botello

Blogs on social media can be seen public and private.  Even if there are two ways to view social media, it is the true reader that counts. The one that always reads a story, rather than one who views it and passes it up. 

A viewer is a person who looks at or inspects something.  On the other hand, followers, the average one on Instagram averages 150 , is an adherent or devotee of a particular person, cause, or activity.

Which would be more useful? People have asked, "Why are followers more important than views on social media platforms?"

Credit: Hootsuite demographics_we are social.

Credit: Hootsuite demographics_we are social.

Remember that followers connect with public blogs, but viewers connect to private ones. Followers don’t need permission for connecting to a blog. However, one cannot follow a private blog the way one can follow a public one. 

For all the people who see your blog, only some actually take interest in what you are offering. They become followers.  What if those same people loved what you offered? This is what creates followers. It’s not about the number of people, it’s about the quality of people.  It’s about having people interested in what you are offering. 

People can follow  your blog and never read, but if you manage to turn  a new follower into a viewer that returns to read, then the numbers of concurrent viewers will grow over time. 

Having thousands of followers and 8 viewers is good because a fraction of those will become viewers.  Don’t get discouraged. One must keep viewers interested by chatting and connecting.

Credit: Sproutsocial

Credit: Sproutsocial

Bringing on the argument, aren’t followers supposed to “follow” your streams, not just click a button and move on with their lives?  Viewers seem to lead in this case. A small amount of viewers to chat, laugh, and share a conversation is plenty of attention. 

Follower count does not really matter where returning viewership comes in.  Rather than look for new followers try to connect with a true viewer a week. More Important-Followers or Viewers.

Credit: Hootsuite demographics_we are social.

Credit: Hootsuite demographics_we are social.

The Facebook viewer statistics of monthly active users are 2.41 billion. The Facebook stories daily viewers are 500 million.  Facebook Viewer Statistics.

Facebook followers in 2018 rated over 2.32 billion monthly active users. Facebook Stats. Apparently, there were nine more viewers than followers on media in 2018.

Strategy is very important, if we must accurately measure the metrics to areas where we must increase efforts. Reach and impressions are defined differently in the social media plate.  Reach is the total number of people who see your content. Impressions are the number of times your content is displayed. 

Credit: Hootsuite demographics_we are social.

Credit: Hootsuite demographics_we are social.

An impression means that the content was sent to a feed, and the viewer doesn’t need to engage with it in order for it to count as an impression.

The reach is about 100 followers seeing one tweet, which makes 100 reach along with 100 impressions.  If two tweets go to the same 100 followers, one’s reach is still 100 but one’s impressions are 200 now.  This is vital for keeping a record of your success with social media.

Demographics of all social media of adults who use Facebook, 68percent ;  Instagram 35 percent; Twitter 24 percent; Linkedln 25 percent; Pinterest 29 percent; Snapchat 27 percent. The majority of Facebook users are male by 57 percent and the average user has 155 “friends”, with the most popular ages being 18-29 years of age.

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Thank you for explaining this, I‘m new to social media and quite skeptical of it as well

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Ron Morales Replied to Lee Santiva 8 months, 1 week ago

Your welcome! Social Media platforms, apps and YouTubers change so fast, its amazing how people can maintain their brands and persona online. Thank you for reading and commenting. Subscribe!!!

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