HOW TO BOOST IN 2021 - "How To Navigate Through Our Psycho Stress!

by Ron Morales January. 01, 2021 1410 views

Written by Michelle Botello

Like many cities, towns and communities nationwide, San Diego is facing a challenging situation during this pandemic that calls for financial and moral support.  We need financial relief from our government but sometimes we can also rely on each other on a daily basis, whether it be on social media, smartphone calls, or a partner support.

credit: zoomblog

credit: zoomblog

One good way to help and support each other during the pandemic is to be there for someone who needs to talk.  Listen to each other’s conversations and find out if the need is for emotional or financial support.  

A second effect the coronavirus may have on us would be from being isolated during long periods of time and feeling pretty lonely.  Just sharing that you are available may be the most comfort a friend needs from you during these times.

Third, your loved ones who are close to you in these times, can receive your respect for their boundaries and yours.  “Recognize the boundary and identify what that feeling is” said Amanda Clayman, a psychotherapist and financial wellness advocate at Prudential, in the article. 

If you live with someone who has been laid off, share your space wisely by talking to friends.  Find a healthy way to talk about your worries.

In dealing with the community, neighbors come to mind.  Offer your help with everyday things, like groceries, errands, and gifts like food.  Donating to the community will support your neighbors and people in need.

Donations matter now more than ever, said Clayman to, and for ideas where to donate go to #ShareMyCheck on social media.  Also you can visit for a list of local food banks.

There are many ways you can destress from this pandemic. You can offer your skills, for example, if you are unemployed, you can help someone write out a resume, or fill out an application.

The Governor of the California, Gavin Newsom, directed that the Employment Development Department (EDD) will erect a one-stop shop for those signing up for unemployment insurance and the new assistance Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA).  This will supply those out of work due to the Covid-19 funds to get by, including the self-employed,

Part of the homeless are being trained by Chrysalis, and organization in Los Angeles, that teach homeless clients how to talk about the job skills they possess, how to explain gaps in employment to a potential employer, how to work problems that may come up with other employees or supervisors, and provide housing at the same time, says

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