Widow Strikes Back [entry 2.52weeks]

by Christopher Francisco February. 01, 2010 2303 views

So I had doubts that I would go on this little photography challenge of posting at least one photo each week for 52 commencing last Saturday! I got lucky finding something unique to shoot this week. Consider this entry !

Well… I was cleaning out some junk in my garage, and I came across this black widow. If you look back at my earlier entries, I've came across one in my backyard… My new Pet Entry [photoblog.com] and of course the first time using my Kenko Extension Tubes… Kenko Widow Shots [photoblog.com]

This time around, I had a feisty widow… so I'll admit it made me jumpy. As she kept exposing her hour-glass under her belly, I had to react a little quicker. If you have ever shot with extension tubes before, you know that you have to get up close and personal with your subject! This spider was pretty annoyed by me trying to position her for her “glamour” shots. I'll admit that I had better luck the first time with my tubes, but this time I at least caught a few with her in action. I didn't want to mess around too much so I let her free after a few attempts. Do Black Widows jump? I forgot if they do. They can scurry though… and it can be scary! I didn't want to chance it! HAHAHAHA…. enjoy!

To get myself started, I had my plan of action. I didn't want to just drop the spider down start shooting especially since I was going to play with my extension tubes again. I didn't want to get bit. So my mini-sized stapler was my first model.

red blotches = spray paint… for you animal activist out there… sorry about that… i was trying to find a way to keep this spider calm… It was either that or spray her with bug spray. No worries, I let her go outside of my premises in a bush along the street. Anyway… she did curl up to a ball long enough for me to get her on the white cardboard sheet.

So here she is alert… and just staring me down…. My 50mm prime was about a good inch away from her.

break time for me…. and her… she got agitated so I gave her some windows to look through!

so this was when she was really agitated. As soon as I lifted the glass to take some photos, she raised her front legs and exposed that belly of hers!

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Ktran 11 years ago

Oh dear, she's baaaaaack. *shudder* at the thought of being that close to something that creepy. I gotta say, you're definitely taking this 52weeks assignment quite seriously if you're willing to risk your life like this. :P Excellent details on the image of her with the red faux blood/blotches. You're 2 for 2... keep up the good work! Off I go to figure out what to shoot for mine. hehe.

11 years ago Edited
Ray 11 years ago

Red huh?! Should've known Spidey! Real clean shots...A+

11 years ago Edited
Jay 11 years ago

Damn...... that's so wicked man!!! Your macro is siick!

11 years ago Edited
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