Morocco Day 1

by Charles Kelley February. 16, 2020 162 views

Traveling can be an adventure. Leaving Atlanta was simple thanks to Larry's help. We left Atlanta right on time and arrived in Paris about 5:45 am. Our flight from Paris to Casablanca was at 7:10 am. It was a tight connection, but we made it, arriving in Casablanca as scheduled about 10:30 am.

Intrepid Travel had arranged a car to drive us from the airport to our hotel. That worked well except for one problem.... They dropped us at the wrong hotel.

When you've been traveling overnight you're not at your sharpest. It took us a few minutes to figure out the problem. But—with the help of the desk cler—we eventually did figure it out. A short taxi ride later and we were there.

We decided to power through the day and not sleep until bedtime in Africa (we are 6 hours ahead of home). So we wandered the city, stop and had pastry and coffee, and looked at the Atlantic Ocean.

Day's end

Day's end

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