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Here I've applied one of my effects called 'true watercolor 1' (American spelling) to a photograph taken in Venice 2019. This effect can be found in Anthropics Technology Limited: Smart Photo Editor, under my user name 'old&done'. I have contributed over 200 such effects this year under this user name and over 4,000 effects under my previous user name 'andrewb2012'. Most of my effects are 'one-click' effects that convert a photograph into a wide variety of end results (but dependent on the original image, might need tweaking).

Some of my effects are quite 'way-out' and are experimental in nature, but lend themselves to creative artists in producing unusual works of art. I hope you like!

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Camellia Staab 5 months ago

Wondered where you disappeared to, after hooking us all onto SPE. Welcome back smile

5 months ago Edited
Andrew Buchanan Replied to Camellia Staab 5 months ago

Hi Camellia,

Thanks for stopping by and giving me your kind Wecome Back. Are you still hooked on SPE?



5 months ago Edited
Camellia Staab Replied to Andrew Buchanan 5 months ago

Still hooked! 😉

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John Durham 5 months ago

Ah, so you're the one who started every everyone on the SPE kick - and they got me on it. Now I'm a junkie. Thanks, man!

5 months ago Edited
Andrew Buchanan Replied to John Durham 5 months ago

Hi John, thanks for your comments - it sounds as if I should plead guilty. Another SPE junkie - don't worry things will get better with time (I had to take time out myself). Hope you enjoy your addiction meantime.


Andrew grinning

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Benny Law 5 months ago

Welcome back, Andrew! You've been missed. Glad you're back and bringing these artistic effects to us again.

5 months ago Edited
Andrew Buchanan Replied to Benny Law 5 months ago

Thanks for the welcome back Benny. Hope you are well and keeping safe. I've been busy since we last communicated and created quite a lot of SPE effects which, hopefully, will prove useful.

5 months ago Edited