Getu River Valley

by Chen Guang May. 14, 2012 3224 views

Last week, my students had exams, so Adam and I had a 5 day weekend. We travelled to the southern bits of Guizhou province to see the Getu River Valley and Huanguashu. Last year, the rock climbing equipment company Petzl visited the Getu Valley to bolt a bunch of climbing routes. The scenery is beautiful, and largely untouched by tourists. We met a few foreigners who were there to climb, but it was largely devoid of people.
I highly recommend visiting this valley if you want to travel China, though there is next to no English here, which can make things difficult.

This is the Getu River. The area is known for the swallow caves, housing thousands of birds which fly in and out every morning and evening. The river was a really nice turquoise colour.

We crossed the river (for 1 yuan) and followed the dirt road in hopes of finding the village in a cave (Zhong Dong), but after a couple long and arduous misdirections, we never found it.

One of our unintended detours brought us to this very small village. There were only a handful of houses, and we saw maybe 8 people there. It was quite quaint.

Some nice contrast with the powerlines and satellite dish (without a bottle on the antenna?!?) next to houses made of wood and thatch.

There was a lot of interesting traffic around our hostel, including this man herding quite a few goats and a cow down the road, with a couple herding dogs.

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