Trip to Zunyi

by Chen Guang May. 29, 2012 2019 views

We spent a weekend in Zunyi, the city Tongzi is a county of. There is some historical sightseeing to do, but not a whole lot. It was a fun weekend.

Just hanging out at home.

This is what urban China looks like when you leave the main streets.

So much fresh fruit! The dark red berry second from the right at the front is pretty good. I don't know what the English name is though; a common conundrum.

We visited the historical sites; the Zunyi Meeting House, a museum about Mao and the Red Army. This sculpture shows how the Red Army is ‘remembered’ fondly. It is mandatory for students to visit this place and learn what really happened in the history of China. …

I have no idea how this happens. Did they decide that some of the lower case letters just didn't look right? Oh well, I laughed.

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