Tanjong Lobang (Hole in the cliff)

by Chentacollection July. 14, 2010 1908 views

The Tanjong Lobang is a cave in the cliff at the seaside that can be seen from Taman Selera (the oldest recreational park in Miri, situated in Brighton about 3KM from the city center).

Before oil was discovered, the cave sparked legends that were feared by the local people. Old local legend had it that a cave ran from Tanjung Lobang to Pujut, inhabited in the former days by two ferocious tigers so predatory that, from time to time, a young girl had to be thrown to them to appease their wrath. Such tales are mostly forgotten nowadays, and certainly no young girl sacrifices were made, nor is there record of such event.

Credit : www.miriresortcity.com

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Paolo Martini 10 years, 7 months ago

oh..beautiful, my dear !!

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