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The little town of Lauterbrunnen, in the Swiss Alps, where we stayed.

Most awesome thing ever. The water is so clean and fresh you could drink it straight from the stream if you like. Also cheapest fridge in the world.

Are the people in the Swiss Alps super short? Or maybe they just bump their heads a lot….

Brooke and I decided to walk to a waterfall we could see. After a steep climb this is what we found. Too late to turn back now, better press on. Creepiest tunnel ever. When you made a noise it bounced back and sounded like someone was at the other end. We had to take photos every 3 metres to see what was coming in front and convince ourselves there was no bogey man. Incidentally, Switzerland is one of the safest places in the world. Damn sure didn't feel like it at the time! Note creeped-out look on Brooke's face

Beyond the tunnel it's still dark and now wet and slippery. Track is carved into the side of the cliff face. At the end of the track you're standing behind the waterfall. Very cool.

Did I mention how clean the water is? This tap runs constantly and is water piped from the waterfall. Delicious!

Most spectacular area. My favourite place in Europe so far.

Went on a train! A special cog train that pulls itself up the side of the alps. highest railway in all of Europe.

Before we get to the train we're told the Swiss are very punctual. “the train will not leave at 9:38. It will not leave at 9:40. It will leave at 9:39am” Sure enough, 9:39am on the dot and we're pulling out of the station.

One for Casey. Very cute cows with bells around their necks dinging away all day. Interesting fact: Cows in the alps have shorter front legs than back legs so they don't fall over trying to eat on the steep terrain. Hard to see in this pic but later tested on flat ground in Austria and it's true!

The train spends most of the 2 hour journey going THROUGH the alps. So amazing. Massive tunnels carved out through the rock. Up and up and up we go…

Until we hit snow!

And an ice palace! The entire place is corridors and rooms made completely of ice, walls, floor, ceiling.

Sculptures included.

At the top of the world now! Lot's of people suffering altitude sickness. I just felt a little short of breath.

I made a snowman. He was extremely popular. Here he is with Harriet and I. He had about 100 photos taken. Korean tourists kept stopping me to ask if they could take a picture with him. I was surprised no one else had thought to make one…. Maybe the views were too captivating.

Majestic little fellow.

Back in town that afternoon and the waterfall walk is a whole lot less terrifying in the harsh light of day.

Possibly the cutest thing ever?

Leaving Switzerland for Italy. This is the longest tunnel in Europe I think. 17km long almost! Reflection of Eoin (pronounced Owen) the bus driver on left and small reflection of Owen the tour guide on right (team Owen on Topdeck!).

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Giancarlo Fosci 5 years, 10 months ago

welcome in italy, very nice set!

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