Project Morocco

by Cherreraart July. 06, 2011 5688 views

Bell High Photographers! Greetings from Morocco! I am Ms. Herrera your photography teacher this year and I want to invite you to experience Morocco Africa through the vision of both myself as a visitor and of youth here in Morocco. On a weekly basis I will be asking you to comment on and upload images about daily life, culture and popular experiences both here and across the Atlantic in Morocco. This week I would like you to comment on the images I will be presenting about The city of Rabat. On at least three images I want you to reflect on what the similarities of the city Rabat to your own city of Bell. My first week here, as I walked down the street i noticed just how much we had in common! Your responses must be at least one short paragraph long on three separate images of your choice. I'm very excited to take you on the journey with me!!!

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