The Lost Comey Ellington

by Nikki Lee September. 15, 2017 1265 views

About a month ago, I wanted to do a small photography project involving a vintage teddy bear. I wanted just a normal teddy bear, not with all the sparkles and chromatic fur. I visit my favorite thrift store and what do you know? There he was, a creepy looking clown doll that looked like kids from the 1920s made friends with. He was perfect! I immediately scooped him up knowing good and well that I wouldn’t find anything better on the other shelves.

I started out with my local fun spots I like to travel to and started taking photos there. It was really amazing to experiment with different angles and shots to try to tell the story he can’t tell. I worked with every feature on my Nikon to test out the imagery. Most of them came out perfect.

I wanted to test out the project with an audience so I made his own Instagram and Twitter page. So far, he’s doing well for a start on Instagram. Twitter? Not so much. Of course, it’s only the beginning so it’s to be expected.

The story of The Lost Comey project was to present a mask to anyone who felt like they didn’t belong. I believe I speak for everyone when I say that everyone has met someone they felt were destined for better things but were either too afraid to pursue it, I just gave up on trying.

Comey Ellington is a doll born in a different decade, accustomed to a different life. He comes to life and experiences what humans experience: nature, love, happiness, sadness, loneliness, and peace.

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Bill Baird 3 years, 7 months ago

Too cool !

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