Beautiful life

by Zabrina November. 26, 2015 1918 views

I am my own worst critic. Which isn't really a bad thing, except I can let it get a bit out of hand. My negative talk can over power any positive thought. In fact, I've let it steam roll over any positive self thoughts/talk for a long time.

Sitting her at night, going through the photos I've taken throughout the day, really has given me pause. My life is pretty damn awesome.

Its like another veil is being lifted from my eyes. This, for those who don't know me, has really been the trend for me this year. Really big year of personal growth.

All this weight. All this negativity that I've carried for YEARS seems to be falling off. Layer by layer. Little by little.

I come out in the morning, greeted by the birds. They always put a smile on my face.

We had good food and good company today. Lots of laughs and good conversations.

I'm blessed with beautiful babies who I adore. Who are also adored by my best friend, husband, partner in crime, their daddy.

I get to spend my days with all the things that make me happy. Plus!! I get to take photos of it all!!

I keep the supplemental feed in the back of the SUV until we can actually get/make a real critter proof container. Because of this, the moment I open the back of the SUV, at least one of the girls hops up back there.

A certain someone snuck in and nibbled on the cake.

This certain someone apparently can't hold her cake very well either. She almost didn't make it to the couch.

So much good food. The crock pot mack and cheese was a hit.

The moon was amazing tonight. Glanced out the window and saw it rising over the mountain. Decided to try and give a long exposure a go. Not bad considering its been 4 years since I first tried it.

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Jay Boggess 4 years ago

Sounds like you're in a wonderful place in your life! Thanks for sharing your joy with us! It's contagious! Lovely images and sweet story!

4 years ago Edited