Party Fowl

by Zabrina January. 06, 2016 1397 views

Its a bad picture!! I know!! They aren't happy campers right now so, I wasn't wanting to push them into trying to fly the coop. Thus the random chicken photo. Haha

The birds are in a mood this week.

The runner ducks. Love these little boogers. So fun to watch. Only down fall? Sensitive little things.

After stripping the coop I decided to put straw down on top of the shavings. Bad idea. The ducks freaked. Apparently straw is a threat to ducks.

So, what do they do? Refused to go into the coop. Might not seem like a big deal, but as I am trying to convince them to get out from under the big barn, I hear the fox.


After some bruises, cuts, and splinters, I just wasn't able to move them out from under the big barn. Crawling under it was not an option in the dark. During the day is an iffy endeavor. Rusty nails, barbwire, glass shards, if it can cut or puncture you, its under the barn. Along with a ton of cow pies. That all just screams tetanus.

The following morning, they some how survived, I corralled them into the dang coop and used an old crib railing to seal the deal. I'll be cutting it down and making it into the “ducks stall”. Until then it's just secured with a chain.

Thank god they don't fly.

Bonus is its short enough I can step over to gather the daily egg, feed, water, and clean.

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