10.24.16 The Journey to Medical School

by Chirpz October. 25, 2016 619 views

Medical school is hard, but the journey of getting there may be even harder. For so long, I have been fascinated in the science of the human body, the intricacy of biology, but even more so by the human ability to understand and expand on the complexities of veiled by Nature. 

However, what really drew me to medicine was the aspect of being able to change someone's life. In no other profession does knowledge work so interchangeably with the balance of life. It is an incredible thing, to be able to trade a few years of my own sacrifice for learning the knowledge that could give back the forever of someone else's lifetime. That is worth every single second of the brutal training for physicians. I can't imagine doing anything else with my life. It gives me purpose, it gives me a sense of fulfillment that someone, someday, will be living a better life because of me. 

That is the ultimate goal. But getting there is so difficult. I have worked so incredibly hard since high school to get where I am, but this waiting game for medical school interviews and decisions is the hardest part. Studying for the MCAT or getting up in the middle of the night to volunteer are all difficult, but these were all things I was able to do at my own will and control the sense of accomplishment being achieved. But now I am just waiting, hoping that everything I have done is reflected. 

I am not the smartest, most dedicated, or outstandingly unique person from Pomona. I am fairly average. My grades are good, my MCAT score is fine, and my extracurriculars are sufficient--but I am not star. 

It is so hard to stand out in a sea of stars. Pomona was a sea of stars. At East High it was easy to get good grades, be Student Body President, top of my class, graduation speaker, varsity athlete, prom royalty, debate champion, candidate for all the big awards, and easily a student defining success. Subjectively, it may seem like I have fallen from the top to the middle. 

But I don't see my Pomona experience in that way. On paper I may not have the extreme resume I once garnered in high school, but the quality of education both inside and outside the classroom I received was beyond anything any amount of money or success could get. For the first time in my life, I understood how to empathize with DACA students, I knew what it meant to be a woman of color, I learned how to think rather than what to think, and, for the first time, I felt the love of true friendship. My high school friends were special to me, but there never was a complete comfort or satisfaction of friendship. At Pomona, I found friends who understood me in every way and were always so supportive in everything I did. I found my soul sisters, the ones who taught me how to love, how to understand, and how to empathize. My friends, my professors, they taught me how to the beauty  and privilege of learning. College was hard, the classes were difficult, and often times I felt insufficient to be at an institution as prestigious and brilliant as Pomona College. But at Pomona was where I fell in love with learning, both in academics and life. I am a student of life. I never want to stop learning and sharing. This is what will make me a great doctor. For me, being a doctor isn't about the prestige or the money or the respect. I want to be a doctor because I have been given and taught so much love from the friends who showed me compassion to the ever expanding field of science that kept me growing. I want to share this knowledge with others. Regardless of what their stories are, where they come from, I want to give a piece of the starlight that has so brightly lit up my world. 

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Arun Tp 2 years, 11 months ago

interesting blog.

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Ram Ya 2 years, 12 months ago

Very well written, Minjoo. I hope you get into your dream med school :)
Welcome to photoBlog too! Is there a particular field of photography that you are interested in? or are you into everything like me (grin)?

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