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In response to Angil's question below, and then back to my commentary…

In reply to Angil's query –

Here are three reasons why Jewish law mandates two sections in the synagogue.

1- Attraction is Distraction

More than gravity pulls objects to the center of the earth, genders gravitate towards each other.

Nature’s impulse is that when in the presence of a beautiful girl (or handsome guy) and a prayer book, your attention will be on the beautiful girl. That is why they use beautiful girls, and not prayer books, in ads for watches.

Perhaps people shouldn’t be like that, but they are. Synagogues were built for people, not angels. Besides, Judaism believes you should be attracted to the opposite gender, but in the proper time, place, and setting.

Synagogue service is not that setting. Why? Because in extreme cases this attraction actually becomes an erotic thought, but even in the best situation it is still a distracting thought.

Sit Upright

For us, citizen’s of the modern era, a separation between men and women is a strange phenomenon. But if you think about it, it is not nearly as strange as praying to a G-d you can’t see, a G-d you can hardly seem to know.

The sight of a Mechitzah (the separation) is an immediate reminder of the uniqueness of this place. More specifically it is a reminder that the primary focus of this place is shifted vertically, not horizontally.
After all, the synagogue is not the only place where we have separations for men and women: sports, schools, clothing, restrooms, and gyms are all examples of where you might find gender separation. But a synagogue (as the personification of Jewish prayer) is the only place where we talk to Someone we can’t see or hear! We have no image of this G-d, and are told no image exists.
It gets stranger. Judaism is not satisfied with lip service, or prayer. The Hebrew word Tefilah which is commonly translated as prayer, actually means connection; and in Jewish writings prayer is known as “Avodah” work. Judaism wants us to form a relationship with G-d, to forge a “connection” the caliber of which requires “effort”.

Tefilah is not a recital to G-d; it is a date with G-d. But a very “blind” date.

Thus the synagogue is meant to create a setting which is conducive for this type of experience. The Mechitzah reminds us that this place is different. What is perfectly normal elsewhere is completely foreign here, because what is perfectly normal in this context is completely foreign in others.

The sight of a Mechitzah is an immediate reminder of the uniqueness of this place. More specifically it is a reminder that the primary focus of this place is shifted vertically, not horizontally.

Together Separately

Two basic elements of cooking are fire and water. Yet basic physics has it that if you put fire and water together you will either have just fire, or just water. You definitely won’t have dinner. So how does one cook with fire and water?

Enter the pot, the partition, the item that defines the parameters of each, and thus lets them both join together to form a perfect meal.

A Jewish community is not complete without men and women, but men and women express different energies. G-d created each because he wants both. The Mechitzah sets parameters to separate each element, so that we can join together to create a big picture, one in which no element is lost.

Terror Assault Continues, Schools in South Closed

Gaza terrorists continued their assault on Israel on Thursday night with a Grad missile fired at Ashdod. While the Iron Dome system successfully shot the missile out of the air before impact, the attack caused concern among local officials and led to the closure of schools across the south.

Another two rockets were fired later in the evening, and led to further school closures. The rockets, of the Gaza-produced “Kassam” variety, thankfully hit non-populated areas and did not cause injuries.

Schools in Ashdod, Ashkelon, Be’er Sheva, Ofakim, Omer, and Gan Yavne are closed Friday. In Gan Yavne only, twelfth-grade students will have classes held in special rocket-protected rooms.

On Thursday, when schools were open, a rocket hit near a school in Ofakim. Thank G-d no children were wounded in the attack.

On Monday evening, a theoretical cease-fire was reached; however, attacks continued Tuesday and as of Friday had not stopped.
* * * * *

Nasrallah Praises Gaza Terrorists for Rocket Attacks

The leader of the Hizbullah terror group, Hassan Nasrallah, congratulated the terrorist organizations in Gaza on Thursday for causing half a million Israelis to spend days in shelters, as Gaza terrorists bombarded Israel with rocket attacks.

In a recorded speech which was broadcast in Beirut and reported on Army Radio, he said, “This is a great formula” and praised the people of Gaza.

He added that “the events in Gaza reminded us of the hypocrisy and double standards of the West,” and criticized some of the Arab media which he claimed cast the blame on the Arabs for the last round of escalation.
* * * * *
Hamas Leader in Iran: Our Resistance Won't Change

Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Zahar pledged on Thursday that the “principles and strategy of the Palestinian Islamic resistance will not change.”

During a meeting with the Hamas leader, Iran’s Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi voiced his country's support for Palestinian Authority Arabs.

He condemned Israeli air strikes in Gaza during the recent outbreak of violence, calling them “savage attacks by the Zionist regime against the innocent Palestinian population.”
He added, “Support for the Palestinian population is part of our principles and religious beliefs, and we are certain that the Palestinian people will triumph.”
Al-Zahar reportedly thanked Iran for its “limitless support.” “Retaliation with utmost power is the position of Hamas with regard to a Zionist war on Iran,” al-Zahar told Fars.
* * * * *

The first 3 photos are only as a point of reference for the last 3.

I wanted to experiment, but due to extreme lack of time, I am posting these older photos taken at the Kotel / Western Wall in Yerushalayim. I think they fit the idea of forced perspective, though in the opposite sense…?

Please see previous few posts as well.

For this month, although I may post sometimes, I have no real free time, so I ask your forgiveness for not getting to your blogs or replying to comments much of the time. As soon as I can (probably post-Pesach/Passover) I will be back.

The men's section to pray is on the left as we face it, and the women's side is on the right. There are also 3 synagogues that I know of in the adjacent tunnels. These womwn may be waiting to meet someone and are praying meanwhile, or they may have chosen to pray on the plaza before the men's section.

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Eiram Marie 9 years, 4 months ago

Excellent photos and a I enjoyed your explanation.
I wonder what will happen next in Israel - the situation seems to be escalating day by day.

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Thanks for explaining your religion , very clear information.
but why don't you just spell God properly? Or is it not allowed on this site ? Not as if you are swearing !!!
It's sad there are still all this trouble in your land.

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great post!! great set!!

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All interesting for the forced perspective for me - #4!

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Women aside from the men? Diffficult to understand this segregation.

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what do you read behind the holy wall? what words?
Nice shot and gloomy subscript :(

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Amazing post,Good luck~!~

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We thank you that you share, of what is life in a tense area full of historical significance .

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We will never have peace? Thanks for share!

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# 4 really is a great example for the challenge! Wonderful set here and Information to go wit it!

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amazing frames .. really tell a story well done

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