More than Love, a Bond

by Christopher Chacon January. 31, 2017 302 views


    Here is part of my life that was a blessing. October of 2016, It came from nowhere and as of today, one of the best things that has ever happened to me. In the environment of hope, it brought peace to my eyes and our love grew stronger. A Kind hearted, strong independent women who thrives and gets the hard work done.  She loves mime and practically a famous artist. The touch of her skin, the light in her eyes is something different, and heart drenching. A soft kiss on the lips can change a bit of emotion. Choosing love was a great choice, and choose wisely of course. This gorgeous women and I have been through ups and downs like everybody of course, but on the up side is more well known. I could line up a paragraph about why I love this gentle women and never waste my breath. Coffee convos to concerts, exploring outer cities, and adventuring on our own time with each other, its a blessing. We're both young but have brave hearts, and can choose what we love and do it right. Whats cool about us is, she lives only 3 minutes away from where I live. 

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