February 2nd, Groundhog Day

by Christopher Chacon February. 02, 2017 357 views

        Happy Groundhog day and Friday Eve! Currently going through photos from past trips and reminiscing on most. Woke up early this morning to watch films and chat with my dad about random stuff. It's like our tradition, waking up early, chat, have coffee, and watch some 40's, 50's films. As of now I am still drinking the same cup, blasting the radio and blogging about my morning feud. I have been spending my days and night feeling inspired by the everyday. Us humans have lots of things in common. We are all the same. We all have feelings, emotions, values, and things to be done. Us, the human beings living in countries as we speak of. We live in a Beautiful world, an amazing community (communities), and we live with beauty all among ourselves. Most of us need time to react with nature and think, "the worst can happen, Yeah!, It could be worse". We feel like a miracle can happen, and it can if you believe it. everyone has an imagination, you just have to use it. There is no right and wrong, we are all right, and all wrong at some things just not everything. Love life, and let life love you. 

        Spending Groundhog Day Planning, Taking care of my mother, communicating, eating food, drinking tea, and having a blast as usual! Just remember, there is always something to be done and get the job done! it will be such worth it in the end. I hope all of you spend your day wisely and keep on exploring! Be back later for an evening blog about the day. 

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