Last Years Winter

by Christopher Chacon February. 03, 2017 500 views

        From the time being in a sunny city like this one, I reflect on the winter times and marvelous fall colors San Diego gets. We're lucky enough we got Joshua Tree just a couple miles Northeast from us San Diegans, including Angeles National Forest, Mt San Jacinto, San Gorogino Mountains, Palomar Mountain, and San Bernardino National Forest. Not to mention we are know for the most small summit state and Utah as well. Winter time will still be near for the next 3 or 4 weeks but there is no rush. Time spent wisely is always well spent and many of us have that time clock on the run. Next snowfall is in the forecast and you already know where I'm going. I am booking photo shoots as of now and will be ending sessions towards the end of February!! Going up to $60 per session, time spent, 150+ photographs, and location!

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2 years ago was my first time up in the snow with my family and other friends I had at the time. 2016, last year, was my second time and probably the best because I went with my love. She was the snow angel of that day, and it was a day I will always remember. From Los Angeles we traveled back down to SD and went straight up to the mountains. Last Years Winter was an inspiration to me and I will always remember.


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