by Christopher Chacon February. 07, 2017 839 views


Caped away in silence alone only with the sudden sound of whispers, coming from the vast valley of hope. It felt like I was in a dream, a dream that I desperately wanted to live in and call home. Dreams don't come true, but to some people they do. Keep living your dreams, and don't let it stop you along the way, you can make it true if you want it to. You have almost the whole world around you, but just smaller. One single breathe, one day at a time, a single leave falls off an oak, then million trails are formed. Each pine needle gets covered in snow and frost. Reminding us that there are chances to take, and to conquer the odds that challenge us. The Inner cities and Outer cities combined into one creating a state. Places to be loved, everywhere. . . In one single breath, winter will be gone, with more dreams to be made.


A couple of spring swans dive into a puddle of water. They were one of the photogenic and proper ones to work with this time. This day was windy with a smoky atmosphere and a gloomy definition to its brightest day.  

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