Flying Formation

by Chris Renk April. 08, 2020 373 views
A flock of Geese, flying in formation

A flock of Geese, flying in formation

Today I was out on our local lake watching the wildlife enjoying the sunny weather! Everywhere signs of the fast arriving spring were visible.

The plants and trees sprout their flowers. Insects swarmed around, while birds were busy mating and building nests.

I followed the activities of a small flock of geese, which had settled down at the lake, with great interest.

Excited chattering kept going on over the lake and now and then a pair of geese took off for a short flight in perfect formation over the adjacent floodplains.

I took the opportunity to test my recently purchased telephoto lens (Nikkor 200-500mm F5.6 VR), which I used without tripods.

I must say the result is imposing. Although still inexperienced in using such telephoto ranges, the handling was straightforward, and the focus tracking and autofocus worked reliably.

I'm looking forward to the next photo tour to take the lens to its limits in the field.

I hope you like the picture and I am looking forward to your comments!

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Sabine Phb 1 month ago

Beautifully captured geese! Great shot.

1 month ago Edited