A glimpse of a Taste

by Chris Renk May. 12, 2020 326 views
Kitchen Spoons - with spices.

Kitchen Spoons - with spices.


Day 37 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Today I took the time to continue taking pictures for our future exhibition of the German Chapter, Royal Photographic Society with the topic "Proportions".

It is not an easy topic, because it is very complex and leaves a lot of room for interpretation.

After I stumbled over these spoons by chance in the kitchen drawer, I thought they would be very suitable for this theme.

I used a slate plate as a background, which was placed close to the balcony door to illuminate the scene with the soft ambient light.

I also use spices to add colour to the composition. To find the ideal viewing angle, I refrained from using a tripod, which would probably have restricted me too much.

The only problem was to find the right photo aperture for adequate depth of field. But after about 30 attempts I finally managed to solve that too!

Hope you don't get too much appetite for a hot meal!

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G B 1 year ago

beautifully composed and aesthetically pleasing!

1 year ago Edited
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