Underground Station Wettersteinplatz

by Chris Renk June. 11, 2020 547 views
Munich Underground Station "Wettersteinplatz"

Munich Underground Station "Wettersteinplatz"


Day 67 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

After an excursion day into nature photography, I continued my photo series about the underground stations of Munich today. This time the destination was the underground station Wettersteinplatz.

The 4.40-meter high station has aluminium panels reflecting on the ceiling, which partly cancel out the low ceiling height. They also serve to achieve a high lighting effect with the lamps. The rear track walls are painted blue-green on track 1 and red on track 2, creating a strong contrast effect.

Unfortunately, some of the aluminium plates were missing due to electrical work. Still, this absence intensified the surreal atmosphere in the station.

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